28 Nov Queen Kaila by Jeff & Nina


“I think our differences balance and compliment each other like ying and yang.”

The commercial and fashion photography duo, Jeff and Nina from Manila the Philippines compliment each other with their different approaches and styles when it comes to photography. The Fashion Push team received their submission not too long ago ‘Queen Kaila’, and we absolutely loved the idea of two photographers working together.

Nina Villanueva always had an inclination to art and photography but only professionally started photography around mid 2014. She initially had a corporate job and about half a year into it she decided that it was not something she wanted to be doing for the rest of her life. Photography soon followed. Jeff Ong, took a course in photography at college, and did his first editorial shoot in February 2015.

Nina’s type of photography preference goes to fashion and portrait photography, she likes the style and mood of fashion but when it comes to photographing, both Jeff and Nina love to bring out the best in their subject. Their styles differ in shooting yet they have strong similarities. Nina’s style is moody and dramatic while Jeff is inclined towards bright and minimal aesthetics – the differences balance and compliment each other, much like ‘ying and yang’, as the duo says.queen4


So, the ultimate question would be; what is it like to work together? What are the benefits? Nina and Jeff say, ‘a lot of photographers work alone but we have a lot of fun working as a duo. It is great having a second perspective while shooting. There’s never a dull moment and it feels as though we are just hanging out, it’s great! The only thing better than doing something you love like photography is having your best friend do it with you!

Queen Kaila, the editorial, was inspired by cool pieces from the 80s and 90s. They style their own shoots at times and they had been thrift shopping at the time when they got inspired. Making an editorial out of what they found at the thrift store was definitely a great idea!

What Nina likes most about the editorial is that it is laidback, yet makes a statement. It portrays feminism and individualism, which Fashion Push most definitely agrees with. We love Queen Kaila! Nina liked the makeup a lot, whereas Jeff particularly liked the edgy urban styling to the clothing.

Do Nina and Jeff have tips for upcoming photographers? They most certainly do! “Our tips for upcoming photographers would be to try different styles and experiment with styling, makeup, lighting, etc. Being open to trying new things would not only help diversify your skills as a photographer but challenge the individual as an artist.”queen5 queen3


Have you become curious to see their work? You can find their work on:

Instagram: instagram.com/byjeffandnina

Model: Kaila Estrada (instagram.com/kailaestrada)

Hair & Makeup by I-ann Monzon (instagram.com/iannmonzon)

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