21 Nov Faded By Nicole Smith


“I started shooting with a disposable camera when I was about twelve. You know, taking photographs of flowers, bugs, and my toy horses and figurines that I collected.”

Nicole Smith is a fashion and beauty photographer from San Diego, California. She never intended to become a photographer, but after she got her first DSLR, which was a Canon 7D, she could not be stopped! Photography was something magical, having to look through the viewfinder and focusing on her subject. Whatever was in front of her lens was the most important thing in that moment, which was a great and comforting feeling. Three years ago Nicole decided to become a photographer and even though she says it will take a while before she can encompass the title of ‘professional’, it is a goal that she is happy to strive for. The Fashion Push team definitely believes she will achieve that goal! So how did she get into photography? Nicole says that there were a lot of influences in her life that led her to become a photographer and most importantly, simply loving photography. Being behind the camera gave her a sense of confidence that she did not have as a child and has helped her grow as a person, and be the person she is today.


Nicole does not have a specific style of photography, and her inspiration came from one of her photography professors. She shoots what she wants or what her client wants. She wants to be a great variety of genres and does not believe in limiting herself to one type of photography or look, which is similar to what her professor had explained. Overall, Nicole loves to experiment with different lighting, emotions, styles, and concepts. She enjoys challenges, and treading into an unknown territory, this ultimately enhances her skills. Nicole says that while the viewer can always expect her work to have an eye-catching and polished look, you can also expect something different every-time. The wish to create something different every-time is definitely an intriguing aspect of Nicole Smith’s photography, being a true inspiration for many upcoming photographers. Nicole’s portfolio contains a lot of beauty and fashion shots, with an occasional product shoot. If she had to pick a favorite between beauty and fashion, fashion would be first choice, with beauty as a close runner-up. While beauty and fashion go handin-hand, fashion photography allows Nicole to work with a variety of amazing people and create a visual story through her images.


Let us talk a bit about the editorial you submitted to Fashion Push, what inspired you to photograph this particular editorial? Nicole says ‘the whole point of this shoot was to go out of my comfort zone. I wanted to shoot something sexy but still beautiful with a sense of elegance’, she did not want Kristy, the model, to have to show a lot of skin to get the message across and wardrobe was a key part in this endeavor. Nicole would like to give some credits Melissa, the wardrobe stylist, did a phenomenal job pulling items that whispered sexy rather than screamed it and Kristy did a beautiful job modeling! Nicole had asked the hair and makeup artist, Rachel, for soft but sexy look and she delivered! The faded brown smokey eyes and fairly nude lip was a true match made in heaven with the wardrobe. In the end, Nicole could not have asked for a better team to help her deliver something different. It ended up being a success, which Fashion Push surely agrees with!

To upcoming photographers, Nicole has some great advice, “you are only as good as your team. The people you work with are your most important asset and I know for a fact that many of my shots couldn’t have been crated without the help of some very talented people. No matter whom I work with, I let them know that their input is welcomed and that they are just as important to the project as everyone else. You, the photographer, are only one piece of the puzzle. In fact, most of my shoots happen because I get the opportunity to work with someone new who has a great idea. My second piece of advice is; do not be afraid to try new things! If you see an image you would like to recreate, add your own twist! You’ll probably learn some new tricks that will help you down the road and maybe even discover a new talent!”


Nicole Smith is a true inspiration in our opinion! Are you curious to see her work?

Portfolio: http://ns-photo.com
Instagram: @nikkigotspirit

Wardobe: Missy’s Closet @missysxcloset
Makeup & Hair: Rachel Gallenberger @effortless_elegance_rachel
Model: Kristy Lauren @kristy_lauren22
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